Friday, February 4, 2011

Now we have crazy kids!

So you might remember just the other day I was talking about the crazy rain we were having...well now the kiddos have lost it.  Seriously. 

Here's the issue...we have friends visiting this week and in preparing for the visit, we made sure the pool was "ready" to go.  You know, cleaned and pretty.  It obviously way too cold to least that's what I thought.

I was so wrong!

Wahoo!  Yippee!  The pool is ready!
C had been working on the pool for the past few days.  I guess he is a bit more in tune with the child he used to be because he kept saying that they would all love it.  I couldn't imagine wanting to swim.  There are solar panels on the roof that helps warm the pool water but we haven't used them as they needed a bit of attention.  When we started this whole thing the pool was 61 degrees.  It is now 68 degrees and according to kiddos, ready to go! 

Or almost!  
He looks like he's having fun right?! 
They said they were doing water aerobics...I think they were just trying to stay warm.  I think they last about 10-15 minutes.

L-"This is awesome mom!"  Me-"It looks awesome honey!"

I know a lot of you are freezing where you are and I hope this only brings you hope for an early spring!!   That is what Phil predicted!  
Stay Warm!  Stay Safe!  And may we all remember what it's like to be a kid!


1 Funky Woman said...

I'm cold just looking at them. I can't even imagine dawning any clothing and hopping in there. We have so much snow on the ground I kinda think Phil is crazy!

Kids are kids and I think mine would have tried it!


Shana said...

Oh - that's killling me!
Wish I could send a picture of our backyard!

Mom said...

Of course they had to check it out! But my reactions is YIKES.

Alicia said...

Just come visit Shana like Mom is doing!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh to be splashing in a pool. My back yard is full of snow and ice. Even though it's probably cold for them, I can guarantee it's nothing like the temperatures here in Alberta.