Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Fav Thing!!!

I have found a new love.  I know I am slow to find this love.  I guess I was never patient enough before.

Whatever you call them, I am an addict.  

So we have moved once again and have not been able to get our stuff up here yet (so pricey!) so we have had to buy a few things to get us through.  You know things like a comfy chair, a table to eat know, so we aren't sitting on the (awesome) hard word floors eating breakfast etc.  We have found so many great things and I am thrilled.  
Here is my new comfy's from Lord and Taylor furniture and is nearly new.  The lamp ($5) is also new and in really great shape.
Our new dining room table and 4 chairs from World Market!  The lady with the above chair also had this table...she had good taste!  
We have also been lucky and found some free stuff just sitting out waiting to be given a new home... these wicker tables I will eventually paint and use them outside or in the girls' room but for now they are very handy in the L.Room.  The futon pad (temp. couch) my neighbor found and gave us. 

My neighbor also scored this sewing machine table w/ a great sewing machine and chair!  Her daughter's GS troop had a GSale (I didn't know about this one) and these items didn't get purchased.  She brought it all home for me!  Ohhhh, I also love my new neighbor! 
The top of the sewing table folds out and to the left.  The sewing machine lays under and you fold it up to use.  The chair had an awful tweed fabric and I recovered it this week.  So great now!
 I also found these them so much...Just my style and the perfect colors!  

My entire family love the garage sales...hubby was the one getting me going last Saturday by making the pot of coffee and the kiddos always grab their wallets. 

Some of our other scores...
Washer/Dryer...also from the woman with the chair and table.  They aren't shiny and new but they wash clothes perfectly!  

K and L have found lots of very cute clothes 
Z found a new bike for $10!!!

Each Friday our little local and FREE newspaper comes out and they have a great list of garage sales.  I map it all out with the maps app on my hubbies iphone and we are set to go! 

A great way to start the weekend! 

What will I find this weekend?  I will let you know...


Anonymous said...

So cool and creative! Enjoy! Donna

Mom & Dad said...

Very impressive. The old sewing machine Aunt Janet brought you will be a perfect combination with your great one - it's like the one my mother had when I was growing up! Can't wait to hear about the treasures you find this week!

Hugs, M & D