Saturday, March 6, 2010

My first official crochet project!!

I decided this was going to be the year to perfect my crocheting skills.  I have ended up making a few things but nothing too clothes, really.  Mom, Donna and Lori were the receivers of wonderful dish clothes but what fun is that really?  To enjoy, you must wash dishes...nice but no fun!

So my wonderful friend Jess, needed a thank you.  This fall she organized  meal deliveries for us for 2 months while I recovered from my seizures and the new meds.  It was AMAZING!  

Here it is...on me!  It turned out so great!  This scarf was the perfect, relatively easy, fast project and she loved it!  She also loved the color which can be difficult with all the choices out there.  I think the color is perfect for me too...hmmm!  Back to work!     

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