Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring has almost sprung but more snow to come and another bag!

More snow! 
Today is in the high 60's maybe even into the 70's...tmr is supposed to be a blizzard, seriously, high in 30's with blowing snow...r u kidding me?! 
So here are some spring in Colorado pics taken just this least we had it for a couple days and to remind me that we are oh so close!

The poppies are popping!
It's only 60 but the kids are barefoot w/ their summer clothes...Zander at least still has his pants...I did too!
A little karyoki...
(snow shovels haven't been put away yet...we know CO all too well and that is my water wand that she is using for a microphone)

The daylilies have made their debut too! 
Happy Spring!  Off to Kansas next week...can't wait!!

I have been working on another messenger bag for a friend.  It turned out great and she loved it...thank goodness (I always worry).  This is the same bag that my mom uses and seems to be the one most people buy.  I added a magnetic closure to this one though and love it.  It was so simple and easy to add too...I had put it off. Something new...god forbid! it is!
 Very Fun!!


Anonymous said...

Please send the snow north to Nebraska - we don't want any here - Thankyou! Actually we are supposed to get some Saturday - just as the daffodils are peeking up & the apple trees are budding. Oh well! Can't wait for next week. Mom

Alicia said...

I got that one Mom! Don't know what you did differently...hmm. We are excited too...c u soon!