Monday, March 1, 2010

K's fancy, new haircut!!

K turned 11 in January.  She is in 5th grade and will start middle school in August.  She rolls her eyes (yes dad, the tradition has passed on), she is smart and beautiful and full of enthusiasm for life...the perfect pre-teen!  She is a sweet girl!  
She has been bugging me to get a "real" haircut by a "real" stylist for a long time.  We finally were able to and I surprised her with an appt to see my favorite stylist (who I haven't seen in about 7 mos).  

Here is before the "real" haircut...

my sweet little girl!  (again, that is a temporary tattoo on her forehead)

and here is after...

My beautiful 11 yr. old, almost middle school girl!

Wow...what a difference some bangs and layering make.  She loves her cut!  We made sure to tell Mary that we had to have it long enough to still put up in a pony tail and the bangs can still be pinned back with a clip or hair band.  Success!  

I loved watching you get your hair cut K!  You enjoyed every moment and it was fun doing it together!  I love you!


Anonymous said...

I like the hair cut too! I remember my first real hair cut... Can't believe everyone's so big in your house! Lori

Rebecca Dietzen said...

Love the new haircut-- so grown up :)