Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Junior Ranger!

We have a National Park just minutes from the house and school called Desoto National Memorial Park.  On Wednesdays the kiddos get out of school about 2 hours earlier than the other days so Z, L and I have been a few times waiting for Katia to get out of school.  On one of our visits, the attendent gave each of them the booklets to become Jr. Rangers.  Z was all over this idea!  He got the book done in a couple days and we were back for him to get his Jr. Ranger badge. 

He did it and loved every minute of it!  The Ranger went over the whole book with him, made sure he had the right answers and corrected any that were wrong.  Then it was ceremony time.  Right hand up, and repeat after her...
 Great job Z! 
"It's so heavy Mom!"
"I wouldn't want to wear that Mom!"
Now let's find another park to do it all over again!  Maybe Yellowstone?!  Go Wyoming!!

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Gma & Gpa said...

Love the pictures! Love the Wyoming idea very much too! When we come down we'd love to learn all about the park.

Hugs to all, M & D