Friday, October 15, 2010

"Lemonade for sale"

It was a dream realized...I never imagined that I had deprived my kiddos all these years.  In Colorado, our house set on a great, quiet street.  Never much traffic...I love it...I thought we all did until the kids came running in and announced that now that we live in FL they can finally have their own lemonade stand.  Our new street is much busier, not bad, just busier.  I shrugged like I do when they have a "crazy" idea (I was unpacking and I think I was also watching a KSU football game too) but got my butt up and made them some lemonade...they did the rest. 

And they had a great time!!

Here is K setting up...Z is in the back waiting to flag down customers!
The booth and a bunch of smiles!  We saved the signs for another day!

Customers!!!  They were very well received.
I really should totally get the excitement...where I grew up in CA, we lived on 5 acres.  My friend who lived next store and I would beg our parents to do a lemonade stand and they would have to explain that there was only 1 house down the road past ours that would be our potential customer.  We outsmarted them Saturday, we pulled all our Dads' beer out of the fridges.  After they got done cutting firewood or whatever was on the list for that day, they had to buy their beer from us!  HA!!!  That's what you get for putting a house at the end of the street!

Back to the kids...
In the end they made a total of $12!!!  Split 4 ways...they made their weeks allowance in just a couple hours.  I have already anticipated that this will happen again soon so I have the frozen lemonade in the freezer...I am ready kiddos!!!  GREAT JOB!!!


Susie Winner said...

Sounds like you are settling in. Hope you like Florida. You're folks will enjoy visiting you there.
Love you guys.
Susie Winner

Gma & Gpa said...

Terrific you guys. We are very proud of you all. Hugs, G & G