Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The differences...

Just today the differences between where we live now and where we used to live are vast...
Colorado-40 degrees, Florida- 75 degrees
Colorado- freeze warning, Florida- sweat warning (aka-high humidity)
Colorado-bags and bags of raked leaves by the curb, Florida-nothing (yet if you have seen the large oak that looms over our house in some of the pics I have put on the blog, you know our time is coming...I hear it's December-January though)
Colorado-gardens are long gone, Florida-gardens just getting started
Colorado-no mangoes, Florida-mangoes in droves and oranges are just around the corner
Colorado-my family and the best friends my kiddos and I could ever ask for, FL.......


The Fam at Siesta Key Beach!  That is not snow but it is the whitest, most powdery sand that you can imagine.
We are enjoying Florida a lot but we miss you all back home so much and know that you are all invited for a visit!  We would love it!!!

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