Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day to Day...

Things are good.  Life is moving along.  K is enjoying school and has a school dance next week.  Z and L love their school. 

I have been working on organizing my/our office and my craft space...love it.  I could do without the pink walls but I will put that on the "projects for another time" list

I think I am getting my mojo back...haven't done too much with my hands lately except unpacking so a bit of hand sewing was in order yesterday.

Here are some of my unfinished projects that I think I will tackle before any new ones...

This will be a wall hanging for Ms. K's room!
Lili's wall hanging!
Not sure what these will be...probably small wall hangings or incorporated into pillows to sell
Not sure when I made this but when I was unpacking craft boxes, found it.  LOVE IT and I did a darn good job with it too!!!

It feels good to feel settled enough to get back to the things I really enjoy.  My hands like being busy and I love having my inspiration back in one, organized place. 

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Mom said...

Wow Sweetie - that looks very inspirational - can't wait to see it. The beautiful square you found is absolutely wonderful - I'm sure you'll find the perfect use for it.
Hugs, Mom