Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Family connection is really so amazing.  I am always so happy to see what happens when my family gets together year after year...how the kiddos always just begin right where they left off.  They just know family, they know who loves them nearly as much as their own Mom and Dad.  Even when they were babies, they knew.  They feel that amazing connection instantly every single time...no nervousness, no pretense, no getting to know each other again.  It's family and it's so special.

My 2 big sister's and my youngest nephew came down to visit us in April (during my blog break!) and as always it just happens.  I thought maybe with our move to FL and this new environment things might be different.  It wasn't.  It was so fun as it always is.  We talked, we ate, we watched kiddos swim, we hit the beach, we talked more...just like always.
The cousins!

 Daniel is now in high school and my younger kiddos might drive him crazy at times but I think he has a lot of fun too.  My kiddos adore their cousin!
Love you guys!

On Anna Maria Island City Pier...happy hour!  Hubby and biggest sis chatting away, middle sis taking pics, and all the kiddos hanging out!  This is one of my favs!

And it's definitely not limited to just direct family...I am lucky enough to have a bestie that I consider my 3rd sister and it always happens with her kiddos too.  We walk in their door, the kiddos find each other and disappear...not to be seen again until us Mom's decide we had better feed them.  As soon as that's done though they are off again.     

I am so thankful for my Family...they are amazing!  LOVE!

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