Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeling better!!

Almost back to normal after a couple days sick.  Nothing major.  Just colds but it's never fun...for anyone.

The first day it was just me home sick.  That was nice.  Now that I am working 3 to 4 days a week it was like a little mini "me" day.  I ate what I wanted and when I wanted, didn't have to make lunch for anyone else, had the tv to myself and could watch whatever junk was on and more importantly, didn't have to hear fighting over who's turn it was on the computer.  NICE!

Today was a bit different.  Today I had my two girlies home to join me.  I love them dearly but it was not as relaxing.  I needed to make breakfast.  Then before I knew it, I needed to make lunch.  L actually came to me at 10:45 and asked if it was 11:15.  I said not yet and she informed me that lunch is at 11:15 at school and that she must eat then.  Hmmm, I wonder why this doesn't matter on the weekends?
Then I decided to read to each of them thinking that might help them take a nap.  K is 13, L is 8...they haven't had naps in forever and today was no different...nice effort but wasn't happening.  I can't blame them, I'm not a nap person either.

So we are hopefully on our way to "better-land".  One still had a temp tonight but only about 99.4 but informed me that she is going to school tmr.  I am glad she missed being there.

One of my sweet girls shared one of her Valentine chocolates from her Dad and I with me this morning.
She's my favorite!!  Ha!

 Here is one of the gifts I gave to my family!

The embroidery I did but the writing was done by L.  She wrote this on paper and I traced it with a lighted board behind onto the canvas fabric and sewed it exactly the way she did it.  Isn't that great?!  A lovely way to capture your kiddos sweet way of writing when they are learning.  I need to do a lot more of these before they all get too old!
This was a fun project!

I hope you all had a.LOVELY Valentine's Day!

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