Monday, February 20, 2012

We got ARTistic!

Thanks to Meg and her blog, that is!  Great idea Meg! 

The kiddos had a funky schedule on Friday and it was the perfect opportunity to get some quiet, creative time together.  I saw this and knew this could be done easily without fail.  See, I have no painting skills whatsoever.  I can doodle with the best of them but that is about it.  I consider a page full of hearts doodling and I LOVE watercolors so this was gonna be easy.  IT WAS! 

Getting started...breathe!!!

Hmmm...which color first?

Look at those colors...make me smile!
So the girls kept asking me if they could "do this" or "do you think this would look good Mom?"  I kept having to remind them that no matter what they did I would love it and so would they.  Its amazing how hard we can make things if we think about them too much.  If you just let go and know that if you mess up it might be frustrating but it only benefits learn what you like and don't like, right?!

We kept at it...

Looks great so far girlies!  The boy in the fam was shootin' hoops outside, by the way.

And here are our masterpieces!



We chatted, sang to The Band Perry Channel on, we laughed, we had a snack break but most of all we had fun!
I suggest you try it too!  Oh and I have a new fun store in St. L...ArtMart!  I had never been in and it's a lot more than just art supplies.  They had an amazing amount of paper products and I love me a new notebook/journal.  Very cool! 

So it was nice to sit and do this with the girls.  I didn't realize how much I missed these activities now that kiddos are all in school full time. 

Note to self...find more easy, craft ideas to do with kids!


Mom said...

I would have loved this too - ArtMart - can't wait to go visit - I love places like that.

elisa said...

I want to try it too- someday when I get to unpack :)