Friday, November 13, 2009

Long posting! Sorry!

So it's been a while since I have posted anything...sorry fam and friends!  I have a big Holiday Bazaar next week that I have been busy sewing like crazy's fun but a bit overwhelming!  The kids have been very patient with me thank goodness.  Here is a sneak at some of the new stuff...

A new messenger bag...The Carol Bag (named after Mom)!  This is a very fun and very functional bag for everyday!

The new Maggie cute!    

Another Maggie Bag!  The Maggie Bag is the first bag I designed completely myself!  Yeah me!

A smal Bella Bag!

A redesigned Bella Bag w/ side ties!

A Chloe Bag in the works!

And lastly my newest design that is also in the works...The Eliza Bag!

(more to come on that later!) 

So that is why I have not been posting!  The fabrics are all great...I so love what I do! 

Have an "A.Lovely" Day!

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