Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Big Melt...that's CO for you!

So most of you know we got a lot of snow last week...the kiddos even had 2 snow days and got to stay home from school.  They had a ton of fun, spent hours outside enjoying all the snow.  It came down hard and fast...really beautiful!'s all gone now!  I thought I would show you the difference a few days make here in CO.  

This picture was taken Friday, October 30!

This is a beautiful Colorado Blue can see how big it is by how small the garage looks next to it....a massive couple of trees.  They were just full of snow!

Here are the same couple of trees and this was taken on Monday, November 2!  The snow is almost completely gone.  Colorado has crazy weather but I guess that is a big get good days and then great days!  Depending on how much you enjoy the snow, that could be either.  It was really so pretty and it was nice having the kiddos home to enjoy!  
I Love Colorado! 

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Anonymous said...

I miss CO - and you!