Friday, April 30, 2010

Baba is visiting!

We all love when Baba comes to visit...especially the kids...she is way more fun than Mom but that is her job!  She does anything and everything they ask her to do...literally...everything and they love it!  Baba loves it too but I imagine she is exhausted when she leaves us.  They have played Uno about a gazillion times, tried to teach Baba the Wii, crosswords, toilet tag in the field behind the house, played Shoot the Moon and Sorry, watched the seeds grow, raked the yard, rode 5 miles to school, invented a great recipe for pork chops, visited all the kiddos classrooms and teachers and it's only been 2.5 days that she got here.  It's been a bit crazy and lots of fun!

Singing songs!
Zander's a little busy...I am surprised he hasn't talked her into learning to play the DSi!
It's a no-school day and we are busy being incredibly silly...maybe I will run that sounds like fun!

We all love Baba's visits!

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