Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Trip!

The kiddos and I had a great time visiting the fam in always goes way too fast though!

Some pics to enjoy!
We don't see lots of rain in Colorado...they were thrilled to take Grandma's umbrella's out for a walk.

We headed into Manhattan/KState!  We had to join in on all the celebrations going on with the Elite 8 standing in the NCAA tournament.  But since football is Grandpa's sport, we hit the football field first. Grandpa used some good connections and got us onto the field to run. So fun...the kids loved it!  GO CATS!
Even with the lose to Butler, we are some proud wildcats...especially since we were beaten by a team that almost went all the way!

 The kiddos! 
Donna and I!

While on my way to Newton to see bff Shana, I had to get a pic of this...Everyone has purple pride.  I seem to be blind to anything red and blue with a weird bird on it.

A mini "Camp Lost in the Woods" in MO!  It was so fun getting to see everyone again...hopefully it won't be too long before it all happens again.  Gotta love Family!
Spring has sprung in Kansas!  Now home to Colorado where we will have to wait just a bit longer, it snowed again this morning but I am hopeful!

Love Family, Love Kansas!

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Grandma said...

It was a fun, fun time. Sure miss everyone. This house is much happier when there's a lot going on. Looking forward to all that activity happening in the new house in Wyoming.