Friday, April 23, 2010

3rd Grade Hoedown day!!!

To celebrate the completion of their study on Colorado, the pioneers who made their home here and the Indians who already lived here, the entire 3rd grade threw a hoedown!  The kids were all so excited and got all dressed up as did some of their parents.  They were all so proud of their hard work. 
 Zander did a project on what a typical indian teepee would have looked like and the how the indian's would have lived.  He wrote a story (with just a little help from Mom) about our play structure in the back yard turning into a time machine and being transported into the time of the CO Indians.  He wrote all about what he would have seen.  It was really great and his teacher was very impressed!  

Some more great pics of all the fun!  
What a cutie pie!
We all got a chance to show our dancing skills...Zander was impressive!  
Great Job Zander!!!

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Ginevra said...

Uh uh.. nope.. I can't even begin to handle how cute this is. His time travel story could be the sweetest thing EVER - Well, that or his hoedown outfit!