Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a wonderful world!

To help celebrate, here are some pics of a hike we did recently. 
It was a beautiful day and we love every minute!  

We have been trying to do one big Family exercise activity each weekend and this past weekend we all did a 15 mile bike ride...pretty impressive for all the kids but especially our 6 yr. old.  She was amazing!  We didn't plan on it being that long, it was just so fun and the weather was incredible that we all just wanted to keep going.  This was a good lead-in to Walk and Roll week at school to help celebrate Earth Day today.  We have road our bikes to school each day...a round trip of 5 .5 miles...I had to make 3 trips each day since Lili has 1/2 day Kindergarten...a total of 16.5 miles!  I complain because my bottom isn't happy (Carl keeps telling me I will get used to it...hmmm...I wish that would happen sooner than later) but it feels awesome at the end of the day!  
Get out and move, you will be thankful you did!

I will take pics of kiddos and the impressive amount of bikes at the school this week.  

Good Job kiddos!!!~ 

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Gma & Gpa said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it & seeing the pictures. Very Boulder indeed!