Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Christmas Time!!!

What a magical time of year!  It's so fun to see the wonder in the kiddos and all the great family memories that always seem to be made this time of year.

It's also time to dig out those Christmas decorations!!  How fun is it to re-discover what great stuff you had forgotten...almost like finding a lost treasure of wonderful jewels!  There is always that one item (or more) that you remember from childhood or a creation that you made that brings back so many wonderful memories.  I love it!  

I thought I would share some of our favorites decorations around fun!  

Katia's favorite decoration...her nutcracker!  I set it by an arrangement of poinsettias and sunflowers...can't totally get rid of my KS heritage...ever!

Carl and I were married December 14, 1991 (almost 18 yrs!) and we/I registered for this Christmas pottery.  I didn't quite know if that was the best idea at the time...whether I would use it or not (Carl thought it was very silly-Men just don't understand).  I have been thrilled every year when I pull it out get to put it to use!  We also got coffee mugs with the year on them...definitely a good idea!

Next is an amazing cross-stitch that my very talented (and much loved) Mom made for us!  It just so special and I treasure it!  

The next few pics are all of some felted wool bags I made a few years back!  I think they were kits that I bought at a quilt shop or some place like that.  These are so fun and were so very easy to make.  

 This is a great craft idea for all of you out know how all those antique store have boxes of old postcards?  Well I found some christmas ones, matted them with fabric I loved and stuck them in a frame.  I made a second one (forgot to take a pic of it) which has 3 postcards that are a series.  I love these!  I need to make some for all the holidays because it's always a bummer to put these away after the holiday!


This last picture is probably my favorite!  My wonderful Mom knitted my girls these adorable Santa hats a few years ago and I think they are the best santa hats I have ever seen.  They love getting to use them all December and love the compliments they get from everyone!  
Thanks Grandma!

This is the only way to play Wii Mario carts...very comfy by the fire with your favorite hat!  

I am sure you all have some favorite things as well and I hope you are having as much fun putting it all out on display!  

Happy Holidays to all!   


Liz said...

Thanks for posting Alicia! It made my heart smile to see your pictures, and read your comments about how you're all getting ready for the Holidays. I wish I were there with you! We're here in USVI on St. Croix, and it looks like we won't be able to make it back to The States for the Holidays... so I'm hoping I'll be able to create The Holiday Spirit down here at the apartment we move into next week. Your posting reminded me of how much I miss the family memories/love and traditions during this time of year...I miss you all. Please give everyone all our (me, Frankie & Rich) all our Love! : ) <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Alicia... I really reading your blog! It makes my heart smile!

amy said...

hi alicia,
just stopping by...i love those vintage postcards. so cute! i agree, those would be out all year at my house!
love your new blog!