Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My little house is back!

I can't tell you how good it feels to get my little house back after putting away everything Christmas!  It's definitely as fun as putting it all out.  It really makes so much since to put a really big tree inside a tremendously small house already packed to the brim with 5 people and a home business...CRAZYNESS!!! 
So everything is down and packed back into the shed.  I am sure it will soon be messy with all the new stuff Santa brought or some new craft idea but it still feels really good!!!! 

The tree was right there by that cabinet (the cabinet had to scoot over a bit).  We conveniently plopped it right by the front door...easy escape and not too much of a pine needle trail to clean up.  
*Ignore the bike tires...my husband is getting us all ready for an early spring???  Let hope his wish comes true.  

This is the Mom chair...this is the spot where if you are there and Mom (me) comes in and wants to sit...you must move it...quickly!!!  Love my chair!

My work area still needs a bit of attention but I will get to it soon!  Love my spot!  I got a new iron for Christmas...never thought an iron would make me so happy!  Love my iron!

So now it is on to new projects and ideas...here is my inspiration...!!

Inspiration wall!

Bucket of joy to create with!

and beautiful fabrics to play with!  I love it all!  
I hope your new year is always filled with all the things you love...plus more!  

As some of you know, this year has been a bit difficult for me and my family and I so I am thrilled to say goodbye to 2009 and to ring in 2010!  

Happy New Year everyone!!


onebadrunner said...

I love to put away all the stuff too. Not a fan of clutter...

I thought I would be on your wall of inspiration!! I'll drop a little 'inspiration' in the mail today. :-)

10 years ago we were on our way out with a 2 year old to ring in the dreaded Y2K! Time flies!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Hi Alicia! After reading your post, I'm pretty sure you're the lady to teach me how to use my new sewing machine!! Too bad that Colorado is so FAR from Ohio. Love your house, I'll be back to visit again soon!! :)
Happy New Year!