Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Kiddos Big Events!

The kids had a big week at school finishing up before their Holiday Break and it ended with some fun events.  

Katia is involved with her school choir called Hotshots.  This is for any 4th and 5th grader that is interested.  They do a couple concerts a year and always one right before the break.  She did amazing!  She surprised us by not letting us know that she was going to be involved in a trio for one song and then also a dance was really a nice surprise!  
The gym was a bit dark so the first picture isn't great but you can still see her.  She is sideways, standing to the right of the girl with the glasses.  She even has her musical earrings in...she was sure to do that! 

In this next picture, I tried to get the entire group but just couldn't...way too large this year...a Great thing!  I think Carl counted 80 kiddos!  They all sounded beautiful too...great job guys!

Zander's event was a culmination of their study on Native American Indians.  They had a Pow Wow with some music performances and lots of Native American-based food...buffalo, dried fruit, beans, etc.  Zander mentioned that he was going to play an instrument but couldn't really explain it too well.  (If you know what the instrument is that he is playing...let me know!)  He did really amazing...a lot of times kids get off beat and such...he really kept the beat for everyone and we were so proud!  I guess he has inherited his drumming talent from his uncle! 

Here is a pic of most of the kiddos...Zander is at the top-middle behind the girl with the feathers in her hair.

Lili didn't have a performance but she did have a Holiday party.  She was so thrilled to get lots of treats and hot chocolate with many, many marshmallows (don't know why she thought she was going to get so many...)!  She had made a card for her teacher and this is her reading it to her.  

They had a great week but are so glad to be home for Break!  We will be hanging with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) and my sister for Christmas this year...very relaxing as we will be at my sister's and I don't have to do any cooking!!!  Yea!  

I hope you all enjoy your Holidays and really get the chance to enjoy your family! 
We send our love to all!


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