Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Favorite Blogs!

Today I thought I would let you know about some of my favorite blogs...

I didn't know anything about blogs/blogging until this past year when my friend told me about her friend and her blog.  That one blog and I was hooked.  Megan's blog was/is amazing plus it had all these links to so many more.  That was the beginning of my blogging days.  Each day I check out my favorites because 1. they are good at posting new stuff each day (better than me) and 2. they are all filled with such inspiration and ideas.

So here goes...Top 10 Blogs...ok, 14, and in no particular order Shana!  Too many to choose from!
1. Whatever...
2. Something To Do 
3. Reinvented
4. Today's Creative Blog
5. One Day at a Time
6. A Bit O' Shine
7. imperfect
8. Clover Lane
9. Little Bit Funky
10. Run the Race
11. V and Co.
12. The Pioneer Woman
13. The Macs
14. ElisaLou 

Hopefully you can just click right on the highlighted words and go enjoy each and every one of them!

Happy Wednesday!

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