Monday, January 4, 2010

Slow Going!

There's not too much stuff on my site right now...I kindof took December off to hang with family and finish gifts I had started for them but put off once I got busy w/ A.Lovely.  
I think this year I am going to do the fam gifts first and then work on work stuff.  I mean I do love my family more and should make them a much bigger priority than last minute, right?

Isn't it crazy what we do?!!!  

I thought I would do a year in review of my FAVORITE bags!!!  These bags were all so fun and most were bought by friends so they never even made it onto my site.  I have so much fun making them but then to see my friends''s so great!  

My top 10!!

1. The Maggie Bag

2. The sm. Chloe Bag

3. The Bella Bag

4. The Carol Ann messenger bag!  
This is the bag made for my Mom (and named after her too!)


5. The lg. Chloe Bag

6. another Maggie Bag!

7. another Bella Bag that I love...added side ties!

8. The Kat Bag...designed by me and great gift for girls!

9. The Chloe Bag w/ a bit funkier's fun!

and lastly...
10. The Izzy Bag! 
I can't wait to see how this year unfolds and what new bags I can come up with!

1 comment:

amy said...

holy cow you are so talented! i love each one...and the fabrics are SO HAPPY!! keep us posted! :)