Friday, January 22, 2010

Ski Day!

In Boulder, we are lucky enough to be close to a wonderful ski resort!  It's Eldora and it's only about a 40 min drive from our that!  (Eldora's motto..."Friends don't let Friends drive I-70"...perfect!)
Every fall we get the kids their season ski equipment from Christy Sports in Boulder and we are set and ready to go anytime we can and now that they are all great little skiers, it's all fun for more bunny's all blues for us baby!

The Troops...all set to go (come on more pics)!

The Oldest...
The Son...
The baby...(where did the time go?)
I find it so interesting how their little personalities shine through while on that mountain-side.  My oldest, who generally is laid back, goes with the flow (except for those pre-teen moments), loves to have fun is exactly like that while skiing.  My son likes to have fun, likes all things perfect, and doesn't like to make a mistake.  This shines through while skiing.  My youngest is quiet, caring, sensitive and loves craziness and trying new things...she is a daredevil on the slopes...just like her daddy.  They all love to go skiing (also like their daddy) and are all so good.  I enjoy our ski day despite the work to get us all ready and out the's so worth it to see their happy faces.

The crew...mostly...we almost got everyone in it.

The daredevils love the trees (make helmets an even better idea!) and I completely understand.  I loved going off the main trail when I was a kid and going through the little side trails just off the main trail.  I was always amazed at how quiet it was...loved it.  Maybe that is why I have an interest in cross-country skiing...quietness.  So the last of my pics are of the kiddos exiting their it!

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