Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Family...snow fun!!

Sending the kiddos outside to do their "rough-housing" ended up being a wonderful idea!  After quite awhile, they all came back saying Dad and I had to come out and see what they had was our likenesses made of snow!!!  Wow...had to see that one for ourselves so we booted up and headed out.  

After making the trek across the park behind our house...

This is what was unveiled...

Masterpieces!!!  Starting on the left (snowmen left, that is)...Dad, Mom, Big Sis, Brother, Little Sis, baby, baby, baby (I hope that is not wishful thinking on their part!) 

This is Snowman Dad (a.k.a. Carl)!

Snowman Big Sis (Katia)!

Snowman Brother (Zander)!

Snowman Little Sis (Lili)!

Hmmm...where is that darn picture of Snowman Mom...hmmm...can't find it anywhere!

I am so glad they were driving each other crazy inside and decided to go play outside (with only a little encouragement from me)...this is what happens...I love it!!!  They were out there for a good hour and had such a great time, together...who knew it was possible after all the arguing and wrestling that had happened just before.  Holiday Break can get long but there really are things to do!!!  See??

By the way, did you notice Katia and Lili's snowmen both have pig tails and Zander's has a mowhawk?  Exact likenesses!

Happy snow days everyone...don't worry spring and summer will be here soon! 

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ljosbo1 said...

Such cute photos. I remember these fun snow days! Daniel wishes he could have one right about now with all our snow, but no luck. Around here we always have school...