Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Craft #1

A lot of us moms are home with kiddos right now and a lot of us know that the day will go so much better if we have a good plan...my plans always include crafts.  It is one-on-three with my kiddos...we craft, we laugh, we critique, we laugh more, and just plain have fun together.  I LOVE it, I really do and I know the kiddos love it too.

Craft #1...Puff Ball Ornaments!
Styrofoam balls, puff balls, hot glue gun, jewels and anything else you could think of to put on them!

Busy bees!  BTW... The Elmer's glue just didn't cut it.


shana said...

look at you miss fancy pants!

I want to be there and kiss those kids on the face!

Alicia said...


Gma & Gpa said...

Wow. Too cute - craft & kiddos. Gma & Gpa sure love you guys. We would have loved helping. Hugs.