Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Karaoke Night!

I am not a big Karaoke fact I had to look up how to spell it but my kiddos love it.
I do love watching them.

They got the High School Musical Sing It for Wii last year from their Baba.

It's a riot!  

Trying to do the copy the dances is fun but it much more fun to just be crazy!

This one is the star...she loves to shine for all to see!

I love that their personalities shine through...Z hates to make mistakes and tries to be very precise. 

Hello, can you hear me, is this thing on??!!!  Yes honey, we hear you loud and clear!
Just another fun night at home.  C has the tv hooked up with the stereo so when we watch movies, we have great also makes for a wild (i.e. LOUD) Karaoke night!

Thanks for the entertainment Baba!!

Hope you are all enjoying your Holiday break with your kiddos!!


Grandma said...

I sat down to check things only a few minutes ago & saw your blog on the pompom ornaments, then went to Lori's blog & called Dad to come see both. We looked at Lori's then went back to yours & was I surprised to see the Karoke (sp?) blog.

That looks like so much fun - what great creativity they are exploring.

Hugs - M & D

Anonymous said...

What a Karaoke night for you all... wild and crazy. And so are the kids, too! In a loving way!

Shana said...

Oh yes. We have that and K is getting the GLEE edition for Christmas - I can hardly wait.
She and I go nuts on that thing!

Lori said...

You should see us doing rock band. Not that Daniel will let us play much anymore, but it is pretty funny to see! Thanks for sharing the great pics. Can't wait to visit this spring! Love to all!