Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Mom, we got to bungee jump!"

So after Santa arrived by helicopter no less (see previous post), there was a small festival/carnival to take the kiddos to.  C and I were not there...the kiddos went with their Aunt Liz, Rich and Baba.  They filled us in when they got home.

This was the highlight...bungee jumping!!!
What was that?  Did my sweet, adorable (breakable) kiddos just say bungee jump?

YEP!  That's what they said!


Cool contraption!

Why might that ambulance be there?...hmmmm

Z's turn!

Look at me!!  Are you guys watching me?!

End it with a flip...that's our girl!
They LOVED it...what a cool way to experience what real bungee jumping might be like.  Hopefully the real thing is something they will never want to do.

Fun Times!


shana said...

I want to do THAT!!!

Alicia said...

It does look like a lot of fun!