Monday, December 6, 2010

"These are a few of my favorite Christmas things!"

We all have Christmas decorations that we love and every year when they get unwrapped it's always like, well...Christmas.  But I am sure we all also have our favorite ones...I definitely do.  

This was an old postcard I found in an antique store.  I used a cute holiday fabric and adhered it to the mat, then did the same with the postcard.  The frame makes it perfect though! 
This is Katia's and she adores him!  He is pretty handsome.
For the ever important Christmas cookies!
Our family's favorite holiday treat...Cranberry Bread.  I could eat this all year but the cranberries disappear soon after the holidays!
All wedding gifts from our December wedding 19 years old ago! 
I have many silk poinsettia stems that I place all over...I love them so much!  They look amazingly real too.
My kiddos!  The joy just shines through them!

Happy Holidays to all!


shana said...

I especially love the poinsettias - didn't care for them until this year when I saw an entire greenhouse full! now I'm in love!!

Alicia said...

I felt the same until I worked at The Flower Bin and the entire greenhouses would be filled to the tops with huge poinsettias...beautiful!

shana said...

I'll go take a picture of it for you - for old time sake