Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Amazing Day!

The weather today was just so amazing!  Colorado is so weird in the fall...record lows last weekend and snow, record highs this weekend and flip-flops.  

Lili and I took a bit of our day and headed to the bike path.  Somebody, who knows who or when, put together these rather small yet still a bit intimidating hills to bike around on.  All 3 of our kiddos love them and I must say they are pretty fun for Mom and Dad too.  Lili has recently mastered riding a bike and these hills are helping!  I can remember her either running all over these hills while her brother and sister rode their bikes around or her on the "tag-along" behind me while I went all over the hills.  For her, this is much cooler

We really had a great time!  I love seeing her gain so much confidence.  A lot of times Katia takes the three of them herself to play on the hills...I am thankful they are so close (the hills and the kids).  The hills are just hard enough to make it challenging but still small enough that you are not too scared to try something new.  I really enjoy playing on them myself...I wish I had these hills when I was young.  
Can you see Lili has lost her front tooth?  So much exciting stuff going on around here!


This is her "big" bike.  It has hand brakes and shifters and it was passed down from her big sis!  She loves this bike.  The hand brake was a bit tricky at first but she didn't let that slow her down.  As kids, didn't we always make whatever we wanted to play with work out?  
We always seemed to find a way!  

 We really had a great time hanging out together!  She is in half-day kindergarten and still really likes hanging with Mom.  Note to self...I need to appreciate these special moments now! 

We made a stop at the park on our way back home...happy, happy day!  

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Jill said...

What a delightful day!!