Friday, October 9, 2009

It did Snow...a little!!!

It was a chilly fall day and snow actually did fall!  Lili and I went out to play!  It was so silent...just the sounds of snow hitting the leaves as they fall (oh and Lili screaming with joy!!!).  The first snow is always so magical...especially with a 5, almost 6 yr. old.  We walked all around the neighborhood and saw so many pretty are a few!

 Such big snowflakes!

The colors are always so incredible!  How do the trees do it?!

Bright, red ones are my favorite!

We decided we had to bring a few home and do something with them!

We also found a few friends out enjoying the snow too...!

It made us want to cook up a big batch of soup and cozy up inside...which we did!  It is my favorite time of year...amazing colors everywhere, cold mornings-warmer afternoons (except today), the smell of apple crisp baking, all my comfy sweats...I love it!   
Happy Fall!

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Anonymous said...

Its been cool here in Snotty Bay area.
I miss the fall though