Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I woke up this morning early so I could check on whether I needed to wake the kiddos for school.  It started snowing last night about 7pm and hadn't stopped so the possibility was definitely there.  I checked the BVSD website and school!  I tried to stay very quiet but my early bird young man in the house was up like usual seeing what I was doing.  

Its always so pretty...especially before the kiddos get in the backyard and mess it all up!

So for now, this is what has been happening this morning...

and this...

Watching morning tv is even more fun when it's a special day off from school 

I am sure the rest of our day will be filled with snow pants, gloves, hats and snow boots going on and coming back off!  Should be a very fun day!  

It's a hot cocoa and popcorn kind of day!  
Hope your day is just as fun!  It's snowing!!

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