Thursday, October 29, 2009

New of my favorite things!

So I am lucky enough to have the website based right near.  I needed some new fabric and was having a hard time finding them in the local shops.  I got lucky and found what I wanted on equilter!  I gave them a call to see if I could save on the shipping since they are right in the neighborhood and just pick it up...they said YES!  I was thrilled!  I still had to wait a day...have to wait my turn for cutting...but they gave me a call the next morning and I had my new a.lovely fabrics.  I can't explain my love of new just thrills me to no end!  
Here they are...

So pretty, right?!  

You know, my grandmother owned her own fabric store when I was a very small child...I don't even remember the store but that must be where I developed this crazy love of fabric.  I do remember, after she closed her store, I would go and stay with them and she had kept a large cutting table and some fabric bolts from the store.  She had them set up like a mini fabric store right in her garage.  I would go out there and play store...for hours.  
  I thank you Grandma for this gift you didn't even know you were giving!  I adored my Grandma and Grandpa and this just made staying with them even better!

So now I have new fabrics...bags soon to arrive at my site as well!
New fabrics always make any day brighter...try really works!!

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onebadrunner said...

First. I figured out how to comment. Yay me!
Second. That snow brought us soooo much rain - but we still had school.
Third. Love seeing your life.
Fourth. Love you