Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life can change in an instant...

I was saddened this week by a death of a high school classmate.  It was such an tragic accident...she was climbing a ladder to get Halloween decorations in her attic...she slipped off the ladder and suffered a head injury...she died the next day.  
She leaves behind her 2 kiddos,a husband and the rest of her loving family. 

The first thing that you think...Why?  Why did this happen?  

We can never make sense of things we don't control.  We have to trust that this is the way it was to be.  It teaches us that Life is so short...we must always try to do the things that make us happy and are meaningful in some way.  This is such a hard lesson and so hard to accept.

When we focus on only ourselves we lose the significance.  Make today count as we never know what might happen tomorrow.  

Here is a link to a youtube video her son did after his mom are amazing!

In Memory of Julie Woods Bissey...  

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