Monday, January 24, 2011

A full week of school!

I really love my kiddos.  We do lots of fun stuff...crafts, tennis, the beach, museums, wii, etc.  But like many Moms, sometimes they make me crazy and I feel like running far, far away.
One of the things I really enjoy as a working/stay-at-home-mom of 3 school age kiddos is when they actually have school.

I am very much a routine person and the routine as been nothing but screwy for awhile now.  It all started with Thanksgiving, continued through Christmas break and then right when I finally feel I made it through to a new year and am excited for the next 5 months of school there comes (for us) 2 3-day a row, no less.

I did make it...with C's help and encouragement.  They are back in school and will be until it looks like...February 21.  Until then I will enjoy my days, working at home and not hearing "mom, I'm hungry" randomly throughout the day...that is until 3pm!

So Cheers to all us working Moms!

At GWiz Science Museum...3 crazy kiddos in the background looking at 3D art and me with my coffee!

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differentbreed said...

Oh I am praying for a full week of school this week! I have a baby I stay home with but he and I are glad to taxi the girls to school during the week. Bubby and I like our quiet and the ladies are loud! LOL

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