Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our new family thing...Tennis

Tennis is something C and I really enjoy, watching and playing and we have decided to make it the new family thing.  We have forever wanted to do this with/for our kids and now that we are in FL, we can do it...a lot. 
This is the covered play area at Z and L's elementary school.  I only wish the wall was full height...we chased many balls over that wall that morning.

I took lessons when I was a kid and reason, probably laziness more than anything.  I have always been that way.   For some reason I am scared of success.  I don't think I can do it so I will make damn sure that I prove myself right.  Oh sorry...back to the point...this is not about me...

So we are taking on the challenge of teaching our kiddos about far they/we are totally digging it.  I was tempted to wimp out yesterday (for before-stated reason) and C reminded me of the goal we have set so I got myself ready.  The kiddos were thrilled when we told them that it was time for practice and to get ready to go.  Today is not a practice day and this morning I got a big thumbs-down for it.

So who knows where this will lead us.  My main goal is to have fun with C and my kiddos and that's really easy when everyone likes the activity.  So far that is where we stand.  We will keep going and hopefully we will keep having fun (and hopefully my back will quite aching!)!

You all might have seen my post recently about Just Doing It...this goes right along with that.  I have kept up with my walking goal (YAY!) but have now proudly added daily stretching and tennis 3-4 times a week. 

I feel good!


Show Me Mama said...

Looks like they had fun. My husband is planning on registering my daughter to get some tennis lesson and I can't wait how that will turn out. :) Thanks for sharing. I am your new follower as well, you can find me at Have a great day!

Alicia Stucky said...

Hey Alicia! (Awesome name, btw!) New follower from Delaware... where I am trapped with three kids in about a hundred and fifty two feet of wintery slush. I highly resent your awesome photos of warm-weather family fun. :-/

Shana said...

check you out! I was just going to post on the importance of physical activity for mental health!
you beat me to it!
all of these summery looking pictures keep confusing my brain!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I think having a family activity for you all to take part in has to be a positive thing. It looks like great fun. I hope you continue with it.

Found you via Bloggy Moms.
CJ xx

Clayton Thomas said...

Good for you and your family. My son has played tennis since he was 4 and loves it.

All my best,


Gma & Gpa said...

Looks great & fun too! So much better than sitting in the house & being bored. Keep up the good work.