Monday, January 17, 2011


I do love a weekend day that is filled with stuff to do.  I like it when we have a plan and I really like it when the kids are busy and not making me crazy.  Winter time can be a bit of a drag when it's the CO that is what would happen a lot.  Now that FL is home, there are a lot more things to keep our weekend's filled.

Saturday was nice.
Friday, Katia had a sleep over with a friend.  They stayed up way too late and she was really tired on Saturday.  That was the excuse we needed to just hang out and watch movies all day.  I loved it.  Kiddos had a lot of movies of their own to watch (thanks to Aunt Lizzy and Redbox!) and I had checked out a few from the library and we started the movie watching marathon.
The first...Driving Miss Daisy.  I love that movie.  It is hard to imagine how a movie about an old man driving an even older woman around town would be entertaining but the movie is so much more than that.  It really shows the building of what becomes a special  relationship between 2 totally different people from 2 totally different backgrounds...she is a very traditional Jewish woman and he is a very proud black man in Alabama in the 50's.  I love the part where she tells Hoke, "Hoke, you are my best friend"...brings tears to my eyes.  They relationship is based on truth and love and stayed strong even with all the prejudice they both endured.  They are each others best and most loyal friend.  
The next movie was a surprise. It was Herman Wouk's The Winds of War.  It's quite the commitment (7 part series) but so far we are enjoying it.  It's about an American family stationed in Berlin during WW II.  The father is the Naval Attache for U.S.  It's really interesting seeing the perspective of people who didn't know what Hitler was all about as we do imagine that they actually thought he had only good intentions is truly difficult.  I made it through 2 1/2 parts before I gave up for the night but looking forward to finishing them. 

The kiddos were great sports for the entire thing.  As I said they had their own movies to watch but when they weren't busy with that, they spent time playing outside.  They are older now and sometimes that is a good thing...sometimes! 
It was a real treat to just do nothing all day except enjoy some great movies and work on finishing some sewing projects.

Send any suggestions for movies you have enjoyed lately, I love suggestions! 
I am a huge reader too so send those book suggestion too!



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Sounds like you had a fun, relaxed weekend. I love movie days! :)
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1 Funky Woman said...

I love weekends where we do nothing but lounge and lounging with movies is so much better. I haven't seen Driving Miss Daisy in years, but what a good one it is. My husband would love the other one you watched. He is a huge history buff!

I'm an avid reader also. Right now I'm reading a book by Jody Picoult called House Rules. Its about a boy with Autism. I adore all her books, she is a great writer. Also not sure if you ever read "The Help" that was an amazing book, probably one of my favorites.

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Mom said...

Driving Miss Daisy is one I love too. Another I really like that would fit with the Winds of War is Exodus about the Jewish immigration to Israel in the 30s & 40s. It's one I go too often; and, of course, Sleepless in Seattle. Hugs,