Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflections on a year gone by...

In the book Eat, Pray, Love, Liz gets asked the question "what is your word?"-a word that describes you at this moment in your life.  Change...that would be my word for 2010.

I have never been afraid of change, always thinking of it as exciting.  I moved to Kansas when I was 13, leaving my childhood home and all my friends that I had grown up with from preschool to 8th grade.  Overall, I was excited about moving...of course there were hard times but I only have very fond memories of the whole event.  After C and I got married, we moved to Colorado and it was nothing but exciting.  We loved every minute of it.  We were ourselves, we had no ties to hold us down and every decision we made was ours.  No one really was affected.
But a lot of things have changed since those days.  In the 17 years we lived in Colorado we bought a house, we had 3 amazing kiddos, and we all developed some amazing friendships.

So the change that our family went through this year was not easy...

1. C's little brother suddenly passing away
2. we left Colorado and moved to Florida
3. our kiddos left their beloved friends and schools
4. C and I left our wonderful friends
5. we left our house of 17 years
6. having to leave my sister and my parents who were now finally living so close
7. snow-skiing, sledding, shoveling

I now know what change really feels like and it's very scary especially when it doesn't just involve you.  C and I were making these hard decisions and they were going to affect a lot of people...the kiddos, my parents/kiddos Grandparents, sister, friends, teachers. 

It has now been about 5 months since that decision was made and things are relatively good.
The easy decisions...where to put the towels, where the blender should go, how to arrange the living room (even though I still keep changing my mind), have been made.

The harder things have gone relatively well too.  The kids are settled in school, enjoy most all their days, have met a lot of nice friends, and have wonderful teachers.  They also get to know the Gregov side of the family
so much better.  They love getting to hang out at Baba's house which is a whole 5 minutes from us and their Aunts and Uncles are fun new source of entertainment!

I miss my friends like crazy and am not too interested in starting all over again just yet.  No worries...I will just not yet.  Right now my focus is on the kiddos and creating a comfy life here in Florida.

For all the things that changed there are many things we gained...
1. We now live in Florida!
2. We have a beach at our beckon call!
3. We live near C's family!
4. We live in a beautiful house!
5. My parents can come down and stay with us during their cold Wyoming winters! 

The big lesson we learned this year was that change can be hard but can so worthwhile...a new chapter to learn from.  Right now, life is good. 

I want to send my love to all my family and friends!  You all bring a little something different to my life but yet it's all the same...LOVE!  We all are so lucky to have each other.

Goodbye 2010, and welcome 2011!!

Happy New Year to all my Friends and Family!!!!


Shana said...

Love it all!
The background.
The kids.
The outlook.

Mom & Dad said...

Thanks Sweetie - helps us all keep what's really important in perspective. You said it all so well.

We send our love. M # D

Michelle Byars said...

Can't wait to come visit!