Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's just walking...

For goodness sakes!
It's not a marathon.  It's not even a 5K.  It's just a walk around the neighborhood that takes maybe a half an the most.  I always feel better when I'm done.  It always make the rest of the day just a bit easier.  I know that it is so good for me.
So why does it feel like I am off for a trip to the dentist to have my teeth yanked out?

My Mother-in-law has walked every morning for the last 20 or so years...not too many exceptions.  She gets up every morning and that is what she does.  She is even on a world cruise as I write this (she really is) and I could safely say that she is probably waking up every morning on that magnificent ship, slipping on her walking shoes and hitting the deck.  Yes, I know she might have a magnificent view from that ship and I could use that as an easy excuse but I am only 10 minutes from the beach and my view could be close to the same as hers.  There are only 3 minor/major differences...she gets up and goes...I get up and have to get 3 kiddos (the minors) clean, clothed, fed and off to school (one major job).  When I am done I just want to sit, drink my now warmed-up coffee and watch The View.  Just little differences but they make for major excuses in my head.
I wish I had her work ethic. There is no option.  There is no other choice.  It's what she does, PERIOD.  I think, no I know my big problem is that I think about it way too much.  I start contemplating all the things I could be doing/should be doing instead (sewing, checking blogs, sewing, checking facebook, a little cleaning, etc.) or that my ear buds are broken, that I didn't get that music I wanted on my mp3, that I am just plain tired.  The list can go on and on if I want it to.   

I need to instill Nike's slogan from the 90's...JUST DO IT.  Whether it's exercise, work, cooking dinner, or reading that bedtime story for my kiddo for the 1000th time...just do's only a few extra minutes of your day, you get a few minutes of "Me" time, and you/everyone feels so much better when it's done. 

So tomorrow I will get up, put on my yoga pants, stick in my 1 working ear bud and walk around the block.  All the other stuff can really can wait.

Not too shabby! 


Shana said...

Yep. I think my running ethic would be a little different with that view.
Instead I'm stuck with the added choices of the treadmill, snow, or aerobics.
But fleece pants feel sooooo good!

Mom said...

I always feel better for the exercise & fresh air too; however... My excuses now are that I'm up & down stairs, unpacking boxes, moving furniture, etc, etc, etc! I think the fresh air is the BIG difference!