Thursday, January 6, 2011

We got this in the bag!!!

My kiddos think this is SOOOOOO ours.
HGTV Dream Home!

My girls have picked out their bunk, they are this close to having the bus route to the slopes mapped out, they love the car, K is nearly cooking in the kitchen already, and the downstairs family room is all theirs.  I actually forgot to register a couple days ago and my littlest came running into the office after I had tucked her in and said goodnight just to remind me to get that done before I turned off my computer.  It's just that easy! 

Check out the video or view the pics and daydream to your hearts desire... HGTV Dream Home!

I have already done a bit of daydreaming myself...slightly different dream is to have that exact same house in Wyoming next to Mom and Dad.  Do you think they can move the house?  It's just that easy! 
I think anything is possible.

I am off to do a little more daydreaming...maybe a little sewing too!


Shana said...

Why don't they ever build the houses in a place where I want to live??
It's the main reason I don't enter - don't want to live in Vermont. :-)

Alicia said...

Miss Picky! So happy to hear your voice of my fav things!