Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Pin Post!

It's Monday!
I love Monday mornings.
I love getting kiddos off to school and coming back home, pouring myself a fresh cup of coffee, sitting down to my computer without a kiddo saying "Mom you get 20 more minutes and then it's my turn" (I hate when my rules for them come back to bite me), and enjoying the peace and quiet.
I check out the news, check into Facebook, do a bit of "pinning", check into my favorite blogs and think about what to do on my own blog.

As for "pinning", Pinterest has been a big thing for me lately.  I use for lots of finds but my favorite thing is to shop for fabric.  I can't always buy it right away though so I pin the ones I love/want.  Then, once I decide to make a purchase, it completely easy.  I just click on my pin and it takes me right to that link.  You can do this with anything...decorating ideas you get from a certain site, travel destinations, books you want to read, yummy recipes etc.  It's like an online file cabinet for stuff you find online.  It's great!

This weekend Katia and I worked on a quick easy skirt project.  It turned out great but of course now we/she wants to make a lot more.  This necessitated some shopping for fabric.  I had her pin her favorite fabrics and when we are ready, we will go back to that board and choose our favorite...EASY!  She ended up pinning about 20-30 fabric choices (gotta love that girl's enthusiasm!) and I thought I would show you some of her choices!

Her favorite!

My favorite!

She has awesome taste!
She has already "decided" she will be an elementary school teacher and but now also a fabric designer.
Sounds like a great plan!
BTW...these fabrics can be purchased at Hawthorne Threads, this is a great website for quality fabrics.

If you haven't tried Pinterest, try it, you will be hooked!

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Mom / Grandma said...

Katia - Your fabric choices are terrific - love the colors & the designs. How about a picture of the skirt you made.

Alicia - I love that you're passing on this wonderful family trait. Made me smile!

I'm going to pinterest to check on knitting patterns - something I love to collect - but rarely do! I hope that's OK - it makes me feel good so I'm sure it's fine.

I send hugs to you both.