Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I am a MOM!

I have talked a little on my blog about my feeling a bit empty in the "Me" tank lately.  All my kiddos are in school now and my other-half works long hours and is gone a lot.  My "work" hours are from 5am-8:15am and then from 3:30pm-8pm.  From 8:15-3:30 it's just me and the cat...yes, laundry, toilets, vacuums, brooms, and dirty dishes are also here to keep me company.

For a while this was really getting me down.  I felt like there must be something I could do between those hours that will fulfill me a bit more than the joy laundry provides.  Ha! 

The thing is it's very important to me to be here for my kids.  I want them to know that I am here if they forgot their lunch, homework, or gym shoes and even if I gripe (just a bit), I can help them out.  I LOVE our summers together.  I wouldn't miss those hot summer days for anything.  Yes, those days can get long and sometimes boring and by August I am ready for school to start but I wouldn't want to lose the chance to hang with them.

So yesterday I decided that I need to change my point of view.  My family needs me.  My family relys on me to provide important things for them.  I love that job.  It's the best job out there and it won't last forever.  My oldest is 13 and will soon want to hang with her friends all the time.  My youngest is 8 and that is only 10 years to go and then she could be off to greatness.  I am going to stop my complaining and just be proud of myself for having such fun, great kids and be thankful to my other-half for providing me with that option. 

There are things I am interested in doing though.  If you read my post yesterday you know I love to read.  So I just started volunteering once a week at our elementary library.  I don't do much, so far just organizing shelves alphabetically but that's ok.  For now, this is my course and it's good, and very important. 
The best's a decision, my decision!
Who knows, maybe down the road, this could lead to a position at one of the kids' schools?
Hmmmm...the same hours and breaks as the kiddos get?!  The perfect solution?  Maybe!

What's your worry Mom?  Life is good!

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Mom said...

Love the picture & proud of your volunteering. It will be interesting & probably fun - so enjoy!!!