Monday, April 2, 2012

TV or not TV?!

I think I have a problem...turning off the TV 

Here's the thing...I love to read books.  There is nothing better than a great book.  One that can make you think about life or bring you to tears or make you smile and laugh.  I love a good book!!

But...even when I have a good book to read and am really enjoying it, I will turn on the TV.  I will waste so much time just watching needless stuff.  It's really's crazy.

It all started this morning, I was walking around the library gathering books that I wanted and thinking "I shouldn't take too many because I will never read them all in the amount of time the library lets me keep them".  Then I thought, "well that's only because you watch TV too much".  Oh...sometimes those little men (lil' good guy-lil' bad guy) on your shoulder really point out important things.

So I can to the only rational decision...
I am turning off the "tube". 

For one week, I am going to turn it off and read.  All week.  Just read.  I want to see how quickly I can get through a stack of books.  The TV is an amazingly addictive, evil, little thing.  I have known this forever but it's hitting me how much time I just waste.  I limit it for my kiddos...why not myself.  I am the one with the problem, not them.

Now there are my favorite shows that I really enjoy but with the internet and now our Hulu, I can catch up on just about anything and do it at my leisure.
This will be good.  I need this.  I will survive.  

So here is my goodie bag of books!!!
Source: via Alicia on Pinterest
"The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks
Source: via Alicia on Pinterest
"Fly Away Home" by Jennifer Weiner
Source: via Alicia on Pinterest
"The Blue Bistro" by Elin Hilderbrand
"The Family Fortune" by Laurie Horowitz
Source: via Alicia on Pinterest
"Silver Girl" by Elin Hilderbrand

They all look good right?  It's crazy because I really want to read all of them but I am already missing the stupid TV.
Ugh...I sooooo need to do this...but why is it so hard?  I guess it's hard to do the best thing sometimes.

So next Monday I will fill you in on how I survived Reading week.
I also need to stop blabbing on this post and stop surfing the internet.  Another one of my big time wasters!

Oh wait...Just remembered...can I watch KU get their butts kicked tonight by Kentucky?  That doesn't count right?!
Oh man...well, Good Luck Kentucky!  You aren't my wildcats but mine aren't the ones playing KU!

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Mom said...

The books all look really great - fall into my entertaining & maybe the edifying division. We enjoyed our time with Donna & glad we could come; strong odor sent us out for a few hours, but really dissipated quickly.
Hope you're enjoying reading but do get outside for some fresh air too. Hugs,