Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Happy Tuesday to all! 

What are you up to this week?  Are you doing anything exciting?  Are you doing something you love?  Well I am.  I have my machine out and am working on a few sewing projects.  I will take some pics and let you see...soon. 
Project 1: We have a need for improved curtains...my are all highwaters...you know like a pair of short pants?  Yup, all the curtains that I brought with me from CO fit the window width here at our house in MO but they are all too short.  So I figured out a plan...I am in love with the canvas drop cloth fabric (it's a huge piece of fabric for cheap cheap cheap but if you go looking for some, make sure you don't get the drop cloth with the plastic backing) from Home Depot and I am going to cut the curtains about a 1/3 of the way from the top and add some of that drop cloth fabric in there.  The DR and the LR curtains are getting the makeover and like I said, I will take some pics when I am all finished. 
Project 2: I am also making a new curtain for my kitchen window (I love this window and am so excited to finally have a kitchen with a window!) using my new kitchen colors...turquoise and red (just like my blog...hmmm!).  Oh on eBay last week I bought an amazing Fiestaware turquoise serving bowl!  It's awesome!  I have all white Fiestaware dishes and bowls and now am collecting turquoise (don't forget Dad...keep the eyes open and aware at all times...turquoise!)
Project 3: Z needs curtains.  I found some fabric at a garage sale last summer and have had the fabric hanging (unfinished) with pushpins since. 

So there we go, 3 projects to keep me busy this week!   

Some of you might remember me blogging last year about Mom-in-Law's cruise around the world trip...well she leaves today on a 2 month jaunt through Eastern Europe.  I have told her to forward me plenty of pics so I can share! 
Have a great time Carolyn!

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Mom & Dad said...

I can't wait to see the finished curtains - sounds so nice. Dad says he's already on the lookout as we leave today for Carson City - now we have an extra excuse to stop at all thrift stores & do some shopping. Hugs to all.